First aid

There are many companies and organizations in the country and around the world that offer training for First Aid, CPR, and more advanced medical techniques. What I’m listing here are organizations that are at least country wide.

If you feel I missed one please send me the information for me to look into and add.

American Red Cross – The American Red Cross offers classes on First Aid, CPR, AED, and many more. The classes do cost, but they only run around 100 dollars. Select your location and what class your interested in and it will give you the options.

NOLS – Wilderness Medicine classes cover everything from the basic First Aid to First Responder, and additional EMT training. They over class throughout the country.

Wilderness Medical Associates – This organization offers many classes around First Aid, First Responder, and EMT oriented training. There are classes offered across the country.

REI COOP – REI is well known within the outdoor community for it’s products and training. They are offer training in Wilderness First Aid so check out if there is one near you.