Firearms classes are primarily regional and not many are offered across the country that people would need to travel to. I will list ones that I do know are offered across the country, but mostly the list will be within my region (Oklahoma) of the country. If nothing I have listed works for you, a simple internet search should yield some promising results for you in your area.

If you have a school that wants to be listed, and offers classes widely across the country or is in the Oklahoma region of the country please contact me and I will add them.

Go Ruck – Go Ruck offers many classes on firearms training for pistols and rifles, from basic class to classes focus on tactics and positions of fire. They offer class all over the country.

NRA – America’s oldest civil rights organization offers many class across the country on everything from basic firearms handling to advance techniques.

OKC Tactical – This is a local Oklahoma based company that offers many course in pistols and rifles.

Wilshire Gun – Offers courses for pistols and rifles. They also offer many NRA sanctioned classes.

U.S. Shooting Academy –  Located in Tulsa this shooting club offers some classes that are CLEET certified as well as concealed carry classes.

Warrior Poet Society – He offers class for pistols and rifles from basic to advanced. He also offers a weekend event for those with the desire. The class are all over, so check and see if there is a class near you.