Book Review – The Prepper, Part 1: The Collapse

The Prepper Book

Author: Karl A.D. Brown

The Prepper, Part 1: The Collapse is about the Aimes family. Alfred the father, Samantha the mother, and two teenage kids Robert and Candice. In the beginning they are the normal family that lives their lives not worrying about much, but food for the week and what they will do over the weekend. They have some job loss, which starts Alfred thinking about being better prepared in case of another job loss, so he starts reading how to mitigate some of the effect in the future. As he reads he comes around to the understanding that he really should be more prepared for other possibilities.

He starts buying additional equipment and food, all quietly from his wife. As he progresses in his preparations he starts evaluating everything in his family’s life and determines that a change is needed. His wife of course sees what’s going on, but doesn’t really understanding why. Her husband is not going crazy though so she lets it be. He eventually tells his wife his thoughts and she doesn’t think he should be worrying, but agrees to proceed with some of his plans.

As he progresses in his preparations, his wife starts listening to him and slowly starts to come around to the direction he’s going. After a few things happen she is fully on-board with his preparations and even helps and encourages him. They jointly prepare their home, learn new skills, as well as buy and establish a BOL.

Soon, multiple disasters strike the US, which cascades to the rest of the world. With a few other actions outside of the US, the world and the US collapse. The US loses power, which means no communication, no food, no water, no sanitation, and the world around them crumbles. They are now dealing with the horrors of a society in desperation. The ugliness and depravity that the human race is capable of are witnessed. They face many aspects of this before retreating to their BOL.

Spoilers follow

You may read books for enjoyment, but there are many lessons that you can come away with for your survival from ideas on things to do and possible plans or issues to prepare for. This section I call Prepper Lessons.

Prepper lessons

  1. Know when to fold’em – They have a prepared and ready BOL, but they decided to stay in their home for what I believe to be too long. At the point they decide it’s time, the world is already in a mess, which causes them trouble.
  2. Be Prepared – They start out like many of us by something starting the process. He did some researched and he ended up prepared for the collapse of US society. His family was much better off when the SHTF.
  3. Plan for the unknown – Once they determined it was time to head for the BOL, they had multiple routes to get there if needed….and they needed them. Having to take alternate routes to your BOL that you are not familiar with can lead to disaster. Knowing all of the routes mean you can be prepared for what you might face on the route.
  4. Nature is your friend – He is not an herbalist by any stretch, but he has read a lot and notices a root that will benefit him greatly at the time he needs it.
  5. Nature is your friend part 2 – With the nighttime lows getting to near freezing and having no gear on him he makes what equates to a debris shelter from leaves to stay warm.
  6. Camouflage is your friend – At one point he is trying to evade some people and realizes that camouflage would help him greatly…..if he had some.
  7. Stock your BOL with caches – When they finally arrive at their BOL people are there. They had a few items that the people used, but the bulk of their supplies were cached so they were not found.
  8. First aid skills – In the story, Samantha is a nurse, but since everyone can’t be a nurse learn as much first aid as possible.
  9. HAMs are your friend – Once the grid fell the only information they had available was through HAM radios.

When I was reading this I really felt like I was reading my own story, which is like so many others. One person starts reading and learning, and later they discuss with their spouse. The spouse thinks you’re a little crazy, but doesn’t stand in your way…..too bad. The spouse slowly starts to come around and eventually joins in the preparations. While I am not as far along as their journey to being prepared, I saw many resemblances. If you are a beginning prepper this would be a good introduction book. It walks through what I believe is a typical life cycle for a new prepper. You can learn from his mistakes and get ideas on how to proceed.

This is a small book so it will not take you long to get through it, but I did find it entertaining and it did get me to thinking about a few things. I would recommend this book for anyone that likes a quick enjoyable read, but like most books dealing with dystopian futures and in this case specifically preppers……don’t pick it apart. Especially for the price, pick it up when you see it.

Stay active, pay attention, and get prepared.

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