Low Carb Food Cache

Low Carb

In several past articles I’ve been discussing food storage and what to store. Discussing if what many are storing is good for them and their health pre and post SHTF. How, the prepper community should eat better to be in shape and healthy in the event we are thrown into a physically demanding situation.

For many a healthier diet and life style can also help in reducing the need for medications. I think we all hope that once we are forced to do hours upon hours of physical labor the weight will drop and the need for the medication will also, but that is not a realistic approach to better health and being prepared.

The link below is an article about how to build a Low-carb prepper stockpile. While it is short it is informative and can get you started. As I always state about being prepared, it is personal and what works for one will not work for all. Review what works for you and for your family and adjust accordingly.


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