Chronic Illness or Disability

Disabled climbing

Research says may people in the United States have either a Chronic Illness or a Disability they deal with every day. From something as common as high cholesterol or blood pressure to diabetes and many things in between. Ideally you should be doing everything you can to get rid of the Illness, but some are genetic and extremely hard to get rid of, if at all. If you have tried everything and still have the issue you need to be preparing how to treat the illness in the event of a long term disaster.

If you have a disability you should also be doing everything you can to mitigate the disability as much as possible, if it’s physical. For many disabilities there is nothing that can really be done though, which leaves preparing with the disability as a concern.

The attached article from the Organic Prepper goes into some detail about things to be considering if you have a chronic Illness or disability. Getting through a disaster will be hard enough, but getting through it when you’re starting with a disadvantage will be even worse. This article has some suggestions for mitigation, and planning ahead.

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