Car Kit


Every good Prepper should have a BOB for just incase of an emergency. They should have a GHB for the same possible emergency, but another thing that Preppers and everyone should have is a Car Bag. This is a bag that stays in your car and has equipment needed in case of an emergency in your car. Most of these items are to be used in the event that you will stay with your car and not abandon it, but in the event that you will be abandoning your car some of the items could be useful to take with you.

Like anything you can go overboard with a Car Bag because we have a tendency to want to use every available space and most cars have a large trunk. If you feel that you need that much equipment in the trunk of your vehicle that is your prerogative, but for the most part you will only need a small number of items. Remember you should also have your GHB in the vehicle so you can always tap into that if needed.

The list below are the basic items that a person should have in their Car Bag. Of course, like many things in the prepper community not everyone will have the same bag. If you live in the dessert you will not need a parka, just like if you live in northern Canada you may not need sunscreen. These are basic items to get you started, then you can add to as needed for your environment.

Car Bag basics

  1. Jumper cables – It always amazes me how many people do not have jumper cables in their vehicle. These are one of those things that you will hopefully not have to use much, but when you need them you will be glad you have them.
  2. Emergency Blankets – There are many options here. You can have the simple Mylar blanket, a cheap wool blanket, or even an electric blanket that plugs into your cigarette lighter. Each of these have their pluses and minuses so you will need to decide or pick two. The Mylar blanket is extremely small to store, thereby taking up little space. The cheap wool blanket takes up more space, but it is more durable. The electric blanket like the wool blanket takes up more space, but it also takes electricity and the electric components may be fragile.
  3. First aid Kit – My wife and I both have a kit in our vehicles and I could fill up 5 pages of examples where we have used it. You need a Band-Aid for a scratch, or out camping and develop a headache you have the items needed to treat those things. You should also have gauze for more serious injuries, but you will use much of the basics.
  4. Water – Just like you should have water stored at home you should have water stored in your vehicle. You never know where you will be and that water is needed. You hop in your car and head to a child’s soccer practice…….you forgot their water, your covered. You get stuck on the highway in a traffic jam for hours….you’re covered.
  5. Toilet paper – Anyone that has kids has probably had to pull over on some stretch of road for an emergency bathroom stop. You live were snow and ice are prevalent and your stopped on the road and you get “that” feeling, you will be clad to have some of this available.
  6. Change of clothes – Workplace accident, or you do something while working outside at your brother’s place, you will be glad to have an extra change of clothes in the car. If your wearing your good work clothes and need to do a tire change you can change into your extras so you do not dirty or ruin your work clothes.
  7. Rain gear – Most rain gear can be store in a small space and can be a poncho or a suit, but when your stuck on the side of the road changing that flat tire in the rain you will be glad you have something available.
  8. Headlamp – Light is crucial in order to operate in the dark effectively and a headlamp is the best option for this. A flashlight is nice, but trying to operate something with both hands and a flashlight in your mouth can be difficult.
  9. Gloves – A good pair of protective gloves should be on hand in the event that whatever you are dealing with can be hard on your hands and they will need protecting. In a pinch they can also provide some amount of warmth if needed.
  10. Few tools – Some basic tools can always come in handy like needle nose pliers, Duct Tape, combination screw driver, adjustable wrench, and regular pliers are some good basics.

As I have stated these are the basics. If you live in a northern clime you will want to add items for warmth, and if you live in an arid climate you will need items to handle the heat. If you’re like me and live in a place that is cold and hot depending on the time of year you will need to rotate out some items for summer and some items for winter. As with items in your BOB and GHB, when you use it replacing it is also very important.

As I mentioned, if you do need to abandon your vehicle some of these items can be taken to supplement your GHB. The water is a given, but depending on current conditions the rain gear, headlamp, and blanket may be a given.

Stay active, pay attention, and get prepared.

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