Gear Review – Teton Sports Oasis 1100

Teton Oasis

When I purchased the Teton Sports Oasis I was looking for a small backpack for day hiking and hunting. The main features I was looking for was designed to accommodate a water bladder, had a chest strap, and waist strap, but also had some storage space for wilderness necessities. I wanted more than just a water bladder on my back.

The Oasis has all of those things and then some. It has a designated water bladder pocket, but it is also an 18L back pack. That is not large but it is plenty to hold some extras in its 3 main compartments. Items like a first-aid kit, fire kit, and small tarp for example fit easily in the main compartment. It has side mesh pockets that can hold small water bottles, or tall objects if you use the compression straps in conjunction with the pockets. There is a top small pocket that is good for holding sunglasses or a small flashlight/headlamp and extra batteries. The medium sized back pocket is good for holding maps, a compass, writing pad and pencil. These are of course examples, but you get the idea.

It also has what Teton calls a butterfly opening. This is an opening when you separate the medium sized back pocket from the main pack using the compression straps at a hinge point at the bottom. Simply place items like a jacket in there, reconnect the compression straps and tighten. I have stored jackets, gloves, rattling antlers, and a small hatchet in there since I have owned it. You could put all kinds of things in there for easy access.

As small as the pack is, it still has a chest strap and a waist belt. The waist belt has no padding, but it isn’t need since the pack is so small, so the weight will not be too great. Having these gives you the ability to really strap on the backpack for security no matter what you are doing. I have ran with the pack, climbed trees with the pack, and have done a lot of trail walking with it. Through all of that it didn’t shift much at all and not once did I have to fight to keep the pack on.

The zippers are promoted as being “hidden-teeth” with weather guard to help protect your gear. This is really the only negative I have with this pack. While the “hidden-teeth” design may help protect your gear they are not easy to open and close and in my case prone to snags. The zipper for the main pocket is so difficult that one of the zippers got off track, so now I open it with one zipper that covers the entire opening.

As bonuses the pack comes with a 2L hydration bladder and a rain cover for the pack with a nice storage area on the underside of the pack to keep it in. The bladder is not the best and I replaced it with a better one that I already had, but it is included and will work well if this is your first pack to get you started.

All things considered it is a good pack for the price. Its size is perfect for some light hiking or a day in the field hunting. It comes in many colors to suit many difference tastes and because of its size, its suitable for just about any persons frame. If you are looking for an entry level pack for some outdoor adventure this would be a good pack for you.

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