Cold and Congestion Remedies

got a cold

Well it’s happened. The proverbial SHTF moment is here…….ok not really. There is a winter storm and snow and ice have piled up, causing power to shut down and you are trapped in your home for a week straight. Not a problem, you have your stock pile and you’re ready for it. As you tuck your child into bed they sneeze!? The next morning they wake up stuffy and not feeling well. No problem, a simple cold right. You go to the cabinet for the cold medicine and there is none…….you forgot to replenish when a cold came through the house a month ago.

This is a rather simple and non threatening issue, but in a complete SHTF scenario a simple cold can turn into something worse. If it was a true SHTF moment, you and your child will be spending much more time outside in the elements and the risk is there. Medicine won’t last forever, either through age or consumption so you will eventually need to come up with something else.

The linked article is for just such an occasion. The article gives you two possible remedies for fighting the symptoms of the common cold. It also gives you some advice on how to help build your immune system to prevent the cold to begin with.

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