Prepper New Years resolutions

new years

January 1st starts a new year. For many this is viewed as a fresh start or a divergence in the path you have been on and for some it’s just business as usual. As a prepper there are always things that you can do to better yourself or your situation. So when you’re sitting around this New Year’s thinking about the upcoming year, make a decision to progress in your preparedness. You can set some goals to complete by the end of 2018. Below are 15 Prepper New Year’s resolutions and if you don’t see one that works for you fine, but make a goal for something.

  1. Get in Shape – This is a bit cliché, but for prepper especially this applies. In a disaster for a full blown SHTF situation you will be doing much, much more physical activity than most do now.
  2. Learn a new skill – People should try to learn something new all of the time, but as a prepper there are a tremendous amount of skills we can learn.
  3. Extend your food supply by 3-4 months – A good stockpile in your Food Cache is a staple for all preppers. If you’re new to preparing get a supply to last you ¾ months. If you’ve been doing this a bit longer try to extend to cache.
  4. Wear your BOB on a hiking trip – Test your BOB. You don’t have to walk from your home into the woods, but go take a weekend backpacking/camping trip with only your BOB. Get an idea if what you have in your bag is right. Wear it on some of the hiking trails in the area of the campsite. In a true Get Out Of Dodge situation you will be wearing it everywhere so make sure the bag fits well and is packed properly.
  5. Start a garden – Much like the Food Cache a garden is integral to your survival. A good garden can make a food cache of 3 months last 4 or maybe 5, and you get healthy vegetables and fruits from it.
  6. Improve a skill you kind of know – Many of us know skills a little. We can do them, but not proficiently, so become more proficient at it.
  7. Start an Herb garden (medicinal and culinary) – An herb garden can be small and start with a few. They help add flavor to your food and some have medicinal properties that can be helpful.
  8. Take self-defense classes/firearms training – If the S does HTF you will likely need to defend yourself. To be good at it training is needed, whether that’s hand-to-hand training or defense/tactics with a firearm. Firearm training also will teach proper handling and zones of fire so you won’t shoot your friends.
  9. Change smoke alarm batteries – As preppers our goal is to be prepared, but so many forget such a simple and small preparedness item.
  10. Repurpose something into something useful around the house – Learn to repurpose items. In a long SHTF event you will not be able to go to the store for something new.
  11. Buy precious metals – Precious metals are and investment and can be used as barter if needed.
  12. Save money – I know this is easier said than done, but part of being prepared should be having a small amount of cash saved. If you can muster a large amount of cash even better.
  13. Invest money – You should be prepared for most anything, so you should also prepare for the possibility that there will not be a SHTF event within your lifetime, and you will want to retire at some point.
  14. First Aid training – Everyone should have basic first aid training. If you can get more advanced training then you’re ahead of the curve.
  15. BOB – If you don’t have a BOB get one put together. Even if you plan on Bugging In, make a BOB just in case. You are a Prepper so be prepared.

One thought on “Prepper New Years resolutions”

  1. Everyone will have similar items on their list and some that are not on this list. The point it to have some goals to strive for during 2018.


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