Food Cache – Additions

Prepper Pantry 2

In my last post I discussed how to start a food storage plan, but let’s look a little more about progressing it. You’ve been building up your food supplies for a bit and getting used to storing and cycling through your storage to use the oldest first, but those initial purchases won’t last for long. The ideal goal is to have enough food to last you an extended period of time. For some it’s 3 months, some it’s 6, and even some a year or longer. I will not tell you how to get there, but hopefully get the thoughts processing for you.

For longer term food supplies you’re presented with the same question I posed in my first article; what do you buy? The short answer is the same as the original answer… what you will eat. If you will not eat it don’t buy it. If you have so much space available that you can store it for barter, then so be it. Some of the items are simply what you have already been buying, but on a larger scale. Others are going to be additional to what you are currently purchasing at the store. Food is a personal thing on what you will eat and what you won’t, so what you buy will be based upon you and your family’s tastes. What I have below is merely a suggestion of a list that covers many basics.

The list below I found on the web and it’s supposed to be several months’ worth of meals as an example. Look at the list and see if there is anything there you will not eat, if there is, can you replace it with anything? One of the other questions is, how would I prepare a meal with the food listed? There are some that can take a motley group of ingredients and turn them into a meal, but for many it can be difficult to make a meal when all you have is a list of parts.

20 lbs – Rice

20 lbs – Beans

20 – Canned Veggies

20 – Canned/Packaged meat

20 – Canned Fruit

4 lbs – Oats

2 large jars – Peanut Butter (creamy if you insist)

2 large jars – Juice powder

10 lbs – Pancake mix

2 lbs – Honey and 2 Large Jars Jelly

10 lbs – Pasta

10 – Spaghetti Sauce

20 – Canned Soup

1 large jug – Cooking Oil

5 lbs – Coffee/Tea

2 large bags – Hard Candy

5 lbs – Powdered Milk

5 lbs – Salt

So you’ve reviewed the list and I have to say it’s not bad to get many started. If you will not eat beans, have you replaced it with something similar in nutritional value? Maybe just a change in bean will work for you; you don’t like Pinto, then switch to Black Beans. Have you thought about what kind of meals you can make from the ingredients for all the members of your family? As always you should try and use what you buy. So it would be helpful to use the ingredients to make meals. Make sure you and your family will eat it. As I have mentioned, this list is not meant to be the definitive list, but simply a start point for you to get the thoughts flowing on your personal food supply.

In the event that you bought many cans of an item, but come to learn it’s not a favorite of the family, you can donate it to a charity. Schools and churches are always having canned food drives it seems like also. Trust me when I say, if you buy something that is not you or your families favorite it will likely not get eaten, unless you are desperate. If this happens you will have nothing but that left most likely and you will hate eating it then. Sounds silly, but humans are strange animals and sometimes will not eat what they should.

Stay active, pay attention, and get prepared.

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