Sex Post SHTF


Is it the best idea to be having sex when the area is probably not clean, people probably are NOT clean, and STDs are probably running rampant…….hell no, but we will anyway. Sex is one of our oldest and most primal desires; hell, it’s why the oldest profession on the planet is called the oldest profession. In the beginning people will be too concerned with survival, but eventually people will come around to the idea and you might want to know how to best approach it and protect yourself. Of course, for the married or committed relationship couples it might be about not having a child.

Throughout the ages there have been many methods whether truth or fiction that people have tried to prevent any of the possible after effects of sex. I’m not going to go through all of them though; only the ones that are mostly likely to work and/or easiest to locate and use.

Traditional rubber condom – For while after the SHTF event these will still be around and available. They will disappear quickly though, because they have so many uses besides sex that people will be using them for. They will be a highly sought after item as well, so if you’re looking for good barter items I would add these to the list.

Natural condom – This category covers condoms made from animal parts. Traditionally made from the intestine or bladder of the animal. History says they were also made from “fine leather” and even tortoise shell….ouch! Seal one end, make sure they are extremely clean and you have a condom circa 1600s.

Reference –

Condoms are of course not full proof and will not prevent all diseases.

Natural Family Planning – This will not protect you from diseases, but will help you to not have children, so this method is aimed at committed couples. The premise of this is for the woman to know when she is mostly likely to get pregnant, therefore knowing when it is least likely also. Traditionally this method combines the calendar, basal body temperature, and cervical mucus methods into one method. That means for a person to be good at this method they will need a calendar and thermometer. Which can be a problem in a post SHTF setting. As a man, I cannot speak to this, but from what I understand a woman that is accustom to this method can get very good at knowing without the use of items.

Withdraw (coitus interruptus) – This one takes some real discipline and is only good for not getting a woman pregnant and in no way, helps prevent disease transmission. Before the point of orgasm the man or woman depending on position simply does not allow the man to finish while having intercourse. I personally would not even attempt this method because self-control for many is not always there in the moment, but it is available.

In today’s world most people approach sex with little regard of consequence. If there is a long term SHTF disaster, that will need to change. There are some nasty diseases out there that you do not want with medical services unavailable. If you are trying to survive the last thing you want is to deal with a pregnancy. The infant mortality rate will also increase as well as mother deaths. Sex should take on a whole different way of thinking.

Stay active, pay attention, and get prepared.

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