Get in to Shape (Exercise)

Rule 1 cardio

At this point I think everyone knows that it’s better for a person to live a healthier life style and exercise. So, rather than give you the “you need to get healthier talk” that doctors and your kids give you, I’m just going to tell about my experiences and hopefully inspire a few. It’s also a good thing to remember that if you have an emergency during a large-scale disaster, medical services will not likely get there anytime soon.

So, before I get started there’s one overriding thing you need to know about me…….I HATE TAKING MEDICINAL PILLS. I’ll take vitamins just fine though, I know strange.

That out of the way; for me it started off with acid reflux some years ago….before I began thinking about the future of me and my family. I fought it for a time with milk and a few over the counter medicines, but as usual that wasn’t working for me. While I was fighting the reflux, I was never far from a restroom, and could not really enjoy all the foods that I wanted to. So eventually I cut way down on pop/soda and alcohol, and started drinking more water and this was the ticket to end my acid reflux issues.

One issue down, now to deal with the overweight issue. For some years I cruised along happy as a lark, without a care in the world. I continued to drink water and pop/soda a few times a week if that….guys got to get his fix after all. Like before that all came to a screeching halt when I was diagnosed with high Triglyceride levels and hypertension. Crap….more pills. Up to now I had made some efforts to change my diet and I thought I was eating healthier than ever before…….guess not. So, I altered my diet again and cut out many carbohydrates. I dropped 25 pounds in about 6 months and my triglyceride issue went away.

Then came the desire to prepare for me and my family. From here I started thinking about my physical exercise and how conditioned I was, or in this case wasn’t. There was a rule from the movie Zombieland that popped into my head and I haven’t forgotten it. Rule #1 Cardio “When the virus struck, for obvious reasons the first ones to go were the fatties…poor fat bastard.” This of course followed the even older version “You don’t have to be faster than the bear, just faster than the person next to you.” I was going to get in shape.

I bought a bicycle and started riding. I’m not fond of running for exercise because I feel it’s hard on the knees, but I do walk. I lost more weight, and got to where I could almost keep up with my son. Which was an improvement, since I couldn’t keep up at all before.

So, if you noticed my motivation to get healthy you’ll know it’s that…I HATE TAKING MEDICINAL PILLS. This is what it really boils down to for people. You must have the motivation and desire to do it; to make the changes required. For me it’s not wanting to take pills, who knows what it will be for you. If you’re wondering about the hypertension; well unfortunately I am still not able to shake that, so while I hate taking pills I do want to live a long life, so I take medicine for it. I think my only hope to shake that is to become a monk and join a monastery so I have no cares in the world to worry about; like that’s going to happen.

On a departing note. Start watching your carb intake. Increasingly more information is coming out that sugars, which carbs are, are the real cause for the weight issues in America. While you think those granola bars are good for you, check out the carbs. I’ve heard this theory, which I’m believing more and more. The theory is this….Simply walk out into the middle of nowhere and take a good look around, I mean a really good one. Now how many foods that have lots of carbs do you see. Few I’d wager. We’re not eating right for how our bodies for eons have eaten. Some plants have lots of carbs, but we used to work hard gathering them.

Good luck on your healthy adventure and make sure you can run faster than the person next to you.

Stay active, pay attention, and get prepared.

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