Tips for Buying Proper Footwear


Reports are in that people of western cultures are overweight and we need to get out and walk more. As an American I can tell just from walking through the mall, that statement is 100% correct. As Preppers we should be walking more than the average person in order to be prepared. If you’ll remember the pictures from hurricane Harvey and Katrina there were many people walking everywhere. Walking is the main form of travel in most disaster situations, because traffic will be stalled, gas will be impossible to find, or worse.

To do more walking you will need good footwear. They need to be durable so they will last and is one of the few items that I will spend money on without bargain shopping. Your feet are everything and I should know, since I have fought foot issues before. Hobbling around with an injured foot was a pain, but trying that in a disaster situation……I can’t imagine. When I was a child, we went to get shoes from a shoe store. There a person measured my foot so we would know what size I needed. That kind of service for the most part has gone away and more people are wearing the wrong size shoes and its causing problems. I learned this the hard way; so my advice is find a store that actually measures your foot and see. You might be surprised. It’s important that you get the right boots and Gore-Tex has some good advice for selecting you and your families’ footwear.

Stay active, pay attention, and get prepared.

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