UST Survival Tips Playing Cards Review


UST Cards

Playing cards are something that I pack with me just about everywhere; whether that’s on a vacation, hunting trip, or short little overnight stay. There are literally hundreds of games you can play. When I saw the UST Survival Tips Playing cards I had to try them. I would have cards for me and family to play games with, and we could learn some life saving tips in the process, were my thoughts.

First thing I liked was that in addition to the playing cards there are two “In Case of Emergency” cards. These cards are intended for a person’s information to be put into a wallet or bag. That way if something happens to you and you are unconscious they know critical information about you like; Name, Address, Blood Type, Emergency Contact info, and Allergies. This is very good information to have available to medical professionals in the event you’re in an accident. If there is space for information that you don’t want people to have in the event you have your wallet stolen then don’t put that information down. I for example didn’t put down my birth date. While it might be important to a doctor, it is also important to a criminal and I worry about them more.

The card stock itself is your standard run of the mill card stock for most playing cards that people keep around their home. While this is fine for around the house it is not the best for survival cards, which may be used outdoors and not in the best conditions. They are also not water proof cards, but they do come in a hard-plastic case. This case is also not water proof, but it does provide some protection against damage to the cards while in your pack. The overall durability could be better.

Now for the meat and potatoes of the cards, the survival tips.

Looking at the Face cards, the Jacks, Queens, and Kings all have examples of how to tie various types of knots. All the knots are useful like the Truckers Hitch and Fisherman’s knots, along with more basic knots. They have text indicating what situation the knots are typically used in, along with an illustration. Some of the illustrations are a little small and for people with vision issues they may be hard to see.

The remainder of the cards have information on what to do in certain situations, how to do some somethings, and information about others. Some of the advice on what to do in situations are like when you get lost in the wilderness. There are many cards about how to do something like using a poncho for a shelter and using a rock to make a place to tie a rope. There are also many information cards like how to find the North Star and various uses for paracord.

Overall the UST Survival Tips Playing Cards are good for the novice Prepper/Survivalist/Bushcrafter and possibly for getting your kids into these areas. If you have been into these areas for long at all you will have learned most of this information already, and if you’ve been doing this for a while you probably know more than the cards do. If you are new to the prepper ways you may find these cards useful or if you are trying to get beginners into the mind set, but otherwise I would leave them in the store.

Stay active, pay attention, and get prepared.

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