Home Security after SHTF


A big concern for people now and after a SHTF event is security. Everyone wants to feel like they are safe in their own home or BOL. If you’re part of a large family or organized group then you may very well feel safe after a collapse scenario, but if you’re part of a small family or have no one, you will be hard pressed to provide security for yourself. What follows is a list of items that can be used now or after a collapse to aid in supplying some sense of security for your home or BOL.

Patio Door Security Bar – If you have a sliding glass back door this will make it nearly impossible to open the door without breaking it. While it is easy to break the glass on the door, it will make much more noise than simply opening it.

Motion Sensing Solar Outdoor lights – Like many unwanted bugs and other vermin, criminals don’t like to have a light come to life while doing their skulking around. Since they run on solar they should only run out of energy on extremely cloudy days.

Door Chain – This is the standard change that has been on doors for decades. It allows you to open the door a bit to see who is there, but has the chain to keep the person or people from rushing you once the door is open. It must be secured with long screws to the door frame and into the door. If the door is not solid wood or a steel door this will not be effective.

Door Alarm – This device hangs on the door knob and is designed to go off when the door knob is jiggled. It runs on batteries so as long as you can recharge batteries in a loss of power situation you can keep it powered.

Portable Door lock – This is a small and easily portable door lock that can be used on most doors. I works with the standard knob lock to provide a little extra protection.

Window Alarm – These small compact disks stick to your windows and if the windows get to much vibration they will sound an alarm. If someone is trying to mess with a window to get into your house this will let you now.

Security Bar – You remember the movie where a person closes the door and puts a tilted chair under the knob. Well this is the device made for that application. It will reinforce any door to help resist being breached.

Door Stop Alarm – This battery operated device sits on the floor in front of a door. When the door opens it emits a very loud alarm to let you know the door has been opened.

Window Bars – These are to be used like the brace on for a sliding glass door. It prevents the window from being opened whether it is locked or not. For a person to use these though they must be tall enough or have something to stand on to install them.

Most of these items are inexpensive and will help provide a secure home now and in the event of a collapse event. Keeping you and your family safe is a huge concern in difficult times, and any one of these items should help.

Stay active, pay attention, and get prepared.

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