Natural Camouflage

Natural CAmo

What is the safest way to navigate a post SHTF wooded area when on foot? Some would say in a large group armed to the teeth. This would work, but what if it is just you and a buddy that bugged out together to your hunting cabin. While you can be armed to the teeth, only having 2 people still presents as a soft target. The best way to move is to not be seen in the first place.

For many boys growing up playing in the dirt was one of the most exciting things; whether you were playing cars or throwing it at friends. Well here is a good reason to play in the dirt again. Natural camouflage; when done properly is better than most man made camouflage…in my opinion. It will work on skin or clothes and is fun for kids of all ages so get the kids in the middle of this. They will love coating you in dirt from head to toe.

The article has good information on why and how to use the natural resources around you to make you blend in with the environment around you. With good camouflage and hearing to know when people are coming it will be difficult for anyone to find you, short of tripping on you.

Stay active, pay attention, and get prepared.

Natural Camouflage Article


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