Thorfire TG06S Review

ThorFire TG06S

One of the most important pieces of equipment in any preparedness kit is a reliable source of light. I recently had the opportunity to test out one of Thorfire’s TG06S flashlights. The TG06S is typical of the compact tactical varieties of portable illumination. It comes with 5 light modes; high, mid, low, moonlight, and strobe. The brightness when using a 14500 battery (the flashlight can also use a more readily available AA battery with less lumens at each setting) ranges from 500 lumens on high or strobe, down to 1 lumen on the moonlight setting. The wide range of settings means this light can be effective in many different situations.

I did use this light in some practical applications, such as finding my way back to the pickup from my hunting stand, and generally pestering people in the office after hours. The TG06S performs well in close quarter applications such as a room or office, on a boat or in an RV, and staying on path at night. The TG06S did not perform well for distinguishing figures or forms at distance, but put out enough light to make use of reflective tape at close to 200 yards.

The light is made from aircraft grade aluminum, which should be a standard for durable and lightweight flashlights. The pushbutton is textured and gives a satisfactory click upon activation. The light also sports a very sturdy clip that can be removed and turned around for mounting to the bill of a ball cap.

The Thorfire TG06S is a budget friendly, durable and well performing go-to flashlight for EDC purposes. I would recommend this specific model to anyone looking for a compact light source to go in a kit without overspending.

Stay active, pay attention, and get prepared.

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