Drago Tracker Pack Review

Drago Tracker

From personal experience, talking with others, and reading through forums it appears one thing that all Preppers have many of is backpacks. Backpacks are needed for GHBs, BOBs, and any number of things. I added the Drago Tracker backpack to my collection about 2 years ago and I haven’t questioned the decision a single day.

I originally bought it after searching for a GHB, but then realized I didn’t need that big of a GHB. Wanting to use what I had on hand I have since repurposed it for other activities. I have used it for a hunting backpack, general hiking backpack, a GHB for a short time, and now throw it in my truck to supplement my GHB when traveling father than I normally do. Through all of the activities it has held up great. When I first bought it I treated the surface with a protectant to make it a little dirt and water resistant, which has worked well, and I keep it as clean as I can.

It is a 30L pack with 4 pockets for storage, 1 tiny, 1 small, 1 medium, and 1 large, for all of your items. The pockets have large zippers that I have never had issues with. Within all but the tiny pocket are more pockets for pens & pencils, notepads, maps, flashlights, tools, and any number of things. The soft cushioned shoulder straps are fully adjustable and have a chest strap to keep the weight from sliding outward to your shoulders. To also help handle the weight you will put in the pack is a nylon waist belt. The belt has no padding on it, but since this pack isn’t that big I have never found it to be a problem. Unlike a larger backpack this is not intend to be heavy enough that your hips need to bare much of the load.

It has a hydration bladder pocket, which I have had a 2 liter bladder in and I think would handle a 3L just fine. The shoulder straps also have the small loops to accommodate the drinking hose for the bladder. There is an identification card holder on the back, for information identifying you if you have an emergency. It is molle compatible on all the outside pockets as well as two places on both sides, making it very versatile for any application. These I have used for attaching additional pouches including a medical kit and a water bottle pouch, and could be used for many other options.

There is also a compression strap across the top, 2 on the bottom of the pack and 1 on each side to cinch the load down for stability. The location of the compression straps also allows for additional uses. For example I have used the bottom compression straps and tied a sleeping bag to the pack. I have also use the side compression straps for cinching down longer items like a hatchet and collapsible walking stick.

There are obviously much more expensive backpacks this size on the market with brand names that are a much bigger name, but for the price I have no complaints about the quality. An additional upside for me was that I could find it in a local store, which allowed me to see it in person, try it on, and look in all of the pockets. When searching for backpacks online you will find many that you may like, but have to take on faith that you will like it once you see it in person. The Drago Tracker comes in black, tan, gray, and green to fit anyone’s color needs.

I would recommend this backpack for anyone looking for a medium sized pack that provides quality at a reasonable price.

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