Prepping Lessons Learned

try, fail, repeat, success

When I started thinking about challenging possibilities for the future whether that is EMP, Economic collapse, or job loss I started reading anything and everything I could find. I started reading about BOBs, food storage, and GHBs. Like many newbies to the prepper discipline I dove in with enthusiasm. I thought, let’s start small and build a GHB first; whatever I want to do at my home is basically a large scale GHB anyway I reasoned.

With enthusiasm I read all that I could find on GHBs. What are they for, what is recommended, what the minimum requirement is, and what is the best bag and size for a GHB. I made a list of the items I felt I would need to complete my GHB and went about researching each item to get the best I could get for the money I had to spend. I slowly gathered the items and put my pack together; I was very proud of my creation. I put it in my vehicle ready in the event I would have to walk home. Sometime after this I realized something. I only live approximately 14 miles from work, and I packed a GHB like I live 100 miles away. So I basically created a small BOB instead of a GHB.

Ok fine I’ll make a BOB. I started the same process over again; researching BOBs and the equipment needed for one and where the best deals were for buying the items. I purchased additional equipment like a compass and a new and bigger Backpack…..all kinds of items. Money is not something that I have a lot of so this was a slower process than the construction of my GHB, but eventually I got what I thought was a good BOB. Once I got what I thought I needed I packed it all up and stood back to look at it, and thought….yep I’m good now.

So I though. After constructing my BOB I started looking inward at my home situation and came to the conclusion that in the event a SHFT scenario occurred my best option was to bug-in. I have no property and no family or friends with property and like I mentioned, money is not something I have a lot of, so buying land was not an option. I started researching bugging-in and somewhere in the process I realized……I have a BOB packed and ready with no place to go. Do I really need a BOB? For bugging in…, not really. If the worst case scenario happened and I had to leave my home I determined I would likely have time to pack the BOB, since my first option was to bug-in.

That long story was meant to show that as you develop as a Prepper your thoughts and plans will change. You will make mistakes, but they can be corrected. One thing I also learned is that preparing for disaster is a personal thing. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. I also learned that you should evaluate your area to determine what is needed and what is not. Everyone has a different goal in mind, with different options available to them. There is no such thing as one size fits all prepping.

After that long and winding path I took I changed my approach. Now as I continue in my prepping habits I try and take a 30,000 foot view and reflect on what I have done before and what may be coming if I continue on the path I have chosen at the time. What is my destination on the current project I am working on? Is it something that I need to do right now? These are common questions I now ask. I start small, move into bigger projects, and prioritize based upon how I intend to deal with an event. Did I waste my time, money, and efforts in constructing a GHB that I didn’t need and a BOB I that I didn’t need? No, not really. I learned much about many things and gained equipment that I could still use in a Bug In situation. If it comes down to me having to Bug Out thought, I now have the equipment needed to do so.

Today, I have drastically reduced the size of my GHB that fits the relatively short distance I have to travel. I have a basic BOB packed, so all I have to add are some of the small items needed. I was able to take the items from my original GHB and my BOB and created a vehicle kit to help supplement my GHB if needed. Like many things in life, a life of preparation is something that you learn as you go. You will make mistakes, just learn from them and adapt to the situation, but never stop preparing.

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