Storage ideas for a small home

Under bed storage

Lack of storage space for preps can be a problem. This is not always a problem, but in many homes built before 1980 storage space is a premium, and this is true in some homes built after 1980. It is also a problem in apartments and some condos. The closets in my house for example are as a deep as my arm is long and 4 ft wide. Also depending on the part of the country you live in basements are rare. Some homes have a pantry, some have a large room the washer and dryer are in. So where do you store all of your gear, food, water, and other extras for just in case if you don’t have the space?

I’m sure there are many that do not have this problem, but when I started buying items and food that I felt was needed to meet any potential challenges, I ran into a wall…..literally. I was filling up my pantry, and my closets were almost full before I started preparing. Where can I put all of this stuff? I scratched my head and thought about it. Did some internet searching and what follows is what I came up with, based upon the room or space available. There are probably other solutions that I didn’t think of, so please share if you have a storage idea that I missed.

Closets – You have to have room for your clothes and other daily things so how can you utilize that space better?

  • Racks – You can buy wire racks that mount to the inside of a closet door. They allow you to have small shelves or hangers. They will hold cans and small jars easily, or many other items.
  • I have seen some people put recessed shelves in the closet between the studs so you can still put clothes, but have shelves for storage.
  • Wall Shelves – You can also get small shelves that you can mount on the inside walls. Depending on your closet size these may be too large.
  • Floor Shelves – If you have primarily shirts that hang you can put shelves that sit on the closet floor for big or small items depending on the shelving you buy.
  • Shoe Rack – They make hanging shoe racks for a closet which are really nothing more than cloth bins. Since there cloth they do have limits, but they will handle small shoe weight items for storage. Radios, chargers, small kits, and any number of items could be put into these pockets.

Garage with cars – Among my friends I’m strange because I use my garage to park my vehicles in, which really limits my storage space. If you use your garage for storage, then there are many styles of racks you could line your walls with. If you’re like me though, here are some ideas for storage space in a garage with vehicles in it. Be aware of an items heat or cold sensitivity and the usual temperature of your garage before storing the items.

  • Even with 2 cars in a 2 car garage you should have some wall space for racks, and higher up shelving.
  • Floor Shelves – As mentioned there are many styles of racks and shelves for the garage to choose from. These are dependent on your garage size with vehicles, you may have room at the front for the shelves.
  • Garage door racks – These are new to me and I have not tried any, but they mount to the sections of your garage door and are designed to hold small things like fishing poles, but I’m sure you could be imaginative.

Garage without cars

  • As mentioned, the possibilities are endless. Be aware of the temperature in the garage though and the heat or cold sensitivity of the items you are storing.

Bedrooms – Bedrooms offer many possibilities, but if you want to maintain a living type look instead of a warehouse look you will be limited on how.

  • Anything that you put in a closet can be put in your bedroom, but many people are not only about function and do care about form. This limits a little but still has possibilities, like wooden shelves with doors, instead of simply racks, or a free standing pantry.
  • Armoire – If you have room for this you can hang many things here instead of your closet and store more things there. You can also use it for storage instead of the closet.
  • Hidden shelves – This appears to be a full length mirror hanging on a wall, but the mirror is a door that opens to reveal shelving or just about anything else. Envision a large recessed medicine cabinet from the old days.
  • Under bed tray – This is storage tray that slides under your bed. It makes storage under the bed easier to get to, but also limits the height under your bed for storage. You can also store things under you bed without it for taller items. You will have to decide with or without a storage tray based upon your bed style and what you want to store.
  • Under bed tubs – Same principle as the tray, just less expensive.

I have read about people getting rid of their box springs and building their own bed frame from wood, if you’re a DIYer. The bed frame is much taller now to make up for the box springs. You can also buy bed frames made for the same purpose. This would allow much more space under the bed to store items. According to reports this will wear out your mattress quicker, but to each their own.

If you have a home with a storage shed in your backyard this could be an option also, but even more so than the garage you need to be aware of the internal temperature of the shed and the temperature that items you are storing can tolerate. Most any shelving units or stands you use for storage in garage can be used in a shed. Also don’t forget that hooks can be screwed into the rafters of the shed and hanging items instead of sitting them on a shelf.

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