Prepping Alone in a Relationship

one prepper.jpg

If you were a Prepper before meeting your significant other…..this isn’t meant for you. You hopefully went into the relationship open about your opinions and beliefs.

If however, you have come to the Prepper life style after you and your significant other made it official and especially after having children this is meant for you. This isn’t meant as advice, just a telling of a tale from life. You may not find solutions here, because everyone is different, but I hope you find that you are not alone.

For most people the preparation lifestyle is not something they are born into. For many in today’s times they come into the mindset of a preparation lifestyle due to some event, or education about the world around them. In a relationship, how does this work if your spouse does not have the same thoughts in mind? As is life, one day you and your spouse were blissfully living life in the moment; then you and only you become aware of something that makes you think….what if….and how should you be ready for it. Your spouse however, remains in the blissful living of life in the moment mode. You’ve are starting down the path of preparation, but what do you do?

Some preparation things you can do on your own incognito, but eventually you will have to talk to the spouse about your thoughts on the subject of the future and how to prepare for it. When that day comes, I would recommend staying away from the end of the world scenarios and stick to the most plausible, like job loss, economics, or natural disaster depending on where you live. You lay out your thoughts in the most informative and constructive way possible and if you’re lucky your spouse see’s the light and you both are on the same page. If however, after your reasoning for this change in attitude your spouse says……uummm ok, if you want to. What you just got was “I think you’re a little crazy, and I think it’s pointless, but if you want to ok….within reason”.

So you just received permission to prepare, but they are not totally onboard and you will likely be restricted on the money you want to spend. (This can be good because some people in a panic type state can spend way more money than they should.) For a time this arrangement works, but all the while you feel like you’re swimming against the current. You buy extra food and water a little at a time to put back; you prepare a BOB….while your spouse watches and you can tell they don’t feel the need.

As you progress you see some change in their attitude in something like food. They think it’s nice to have some backups in the pantry in case you run out between grocery store visits. It makes a thrown together meal easier because you have more to work with, but that is about as far as they come. You thought they were getting it, but they only got it a small bit. Take what you can get is the best I can say.

You will feel frustrated, but here’s the bottom line though. You love your family and want them to be safe and your spouse wants that also. You just have a difference of opinion on what it takes to make them safe. Continue your preparations as best you can. There will be many more talks in your future, and hopefully your spouse will come around and be a fully onboard participant. Many aspects of preparation can save money and promote exercise which are good things that might help bring your spouse onboard. Start a garden and grow your own food, to show how to save money and feed your family healthy organic foods.

In your home it may be a one person show being prepared for what the future may bring, but I hope that’s the worst of it. I have heard a few stories with couples that the preparation lifestyle causes such a disruption in the family dynamic that it splits the family. Preparing can and should be something that can bring people closer, but has to be an open communication. There is a possibility that your spouse may be opposed to any kind of preparation, and if that occurs, I wish you luck.

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