Are you Preparing?

retirement cabin

Right about now you’re thinking…..well duh….I’m here aren’t I? So we all agree that people are better off preparing and should prepare for the possibilities of the future, but how and for what?

When people start looking into preparing for events outside of their control in the future many look at the disasters, but there are more. The Prepper community is full of information about BOBs, BOLs, equipment that is a must, and what is the best firearm when the SHTF. These are all valid topics to discuss and a person should be aware and knowledgeable of all these things, but one area I don’t often see covered is your future without a SHTF moment.

Getting your BOB together and finding a BOL or preparing your home with food storage and for defense are all good for a change in the path we are currently on. If the long term SHTF event occurs or even TEOTWAWKI and you have all of these items ready to go good for you. Do you prepare for this event not to happen though?

What if you get all prepared for a major event and you reach the age of 65, 70, or whenever you want to retire and it hasn’t happened yet? Will you be prepared and able to retire? Will you have enough money put aside to retire and enjoy your years and thank god you never had to use your BOB and head for your BOL in the hills. I completely understand the dilemma of needing to prepare for an emergency and the money involved in that, but you also have to prepare for it not to happen.

I am not a money guy (I have someone for that), so I will not even attempt to tell you what you should do with your money. What I can tell you is that investing as a general statement is the best way to go, to prepare for your future WITHOUT a SHTF event. For some, investing in precious metals is a win win, since you have gold or silver in the event of SHTF, or it can be sold when you get to retirement to live. If precious metals aren’t your thing there are many companies that will invest your money for you and are good at it. Some people may not like the options that lock your money down until retirement, but there are many options that will allow you to cash out at any time if you want.

Another good place to invest would be a 401K, especially if you work for a company that matches any of it. Most 401K plans will also let you borrow against it instead of taking a loan out at the bank. In this way, you are repaying yourself more than the bank.

Everyone should not only use their money to buy items needed for preparing for a possible disaster, but they should prepare in the event that the disaster doesn’t occur. Putting money in the bank is better than nothing, but normally earns very little interest for your retirement.

Thinking of the future and preparing for it, should not only be about SHTF or worse, but also the possibility that it doesn’t.

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