What do I carry every day to work, or on the weekend and does it change?

Every day everyone in the world carries a certain amount of items with them on their person or in a bag for whatever reason. People that are preparing for events not yet realized carry items more selectively than most in the hopes that if some event occurs they will be better able to handle the situation.

What follows is what I carry everyday rain or shine. Some of these items will be the same for all of us, just a little different in appearance, but the same in function and some may give you some ideas. For me I regularly carry 9 or 10 items and an extra on the weekends to help me deal with the possibilities of the day and what may occur.

  • Cell Phone (not pictured) – Now a days I would be surprised to find someone that doesn’t carry a cellphone with them. They are some of the most useful tools a person can carry. Information is available quickly in most cases. There are many automatic alerts through standard phone options and Apps to help a person stay aware of news, inventory of preps, or local emergency channels. Cellphones also can house all kinds of information to make available at your figure tips and they are relatively easy to charge.
  • Key chain fire starter – On my key ring I have a mini mag bar/ferro rod for emergency fire starting needs like the one you can find on my store link. I will say that as small as it is, it is difficult to start a traditional fire that you would normally start with a full size ferro rod. Some kind of accelerant is really needed, but those are readily available within a short distance, from gas or diesel to alcohol.
  • Lighter – I carry a mini bic lighter as an additional fire starter and is my go to fire starting method. I use this all the time when I’m working with paracord. It fits nicely in the watch pocket of my jeans and when I wear cargo pants pocket space is never an issue.
  • Pocket mini multi tool – I carry the Gerber Vise, but not on my key chain. I carry it loose in my pocket like a small pocket knife. I have tried other mini-multitools, but I just like the features of the Vise for my day to day uses.
  • Pocket knife – I also carry a real pocket knife alongside the Vise. It’s a Kershaw, Cryo G10 folding knife. It has a deep carry clip so it’s not quit as obvious in my pocket, so as not to draw attention. It also has 4 locations for the clip for customizing it’s carry to my preferences. Had this folder for years and I don’t had a complaint yet.
  • Flash drive – I carry a small 8 GB flash drive, which has all of my prep resources on it with plenty of space available for an impromptu addition if the need arises. This also allows me to work on things when I travel or while I’m at work during lunch.
  • Wallet – Since I turned 15 and started carrying a wallet every day I followed the lead of my dad and carried it in a back pocket. I recently made the switch however to a minimalist wallet, and started carrying it in my front pocket. I will never go back. If you’re the person that has a wallet about ¾ inch think this may not be for you, but it’s great for carrying the few cards I have and some cash.
  • Flashlight – Also in my watch pocket I carry a Maglite Solitare that runs on a single AAA battery and puts out 37 lumens, which isn’t as bright as some, but in the dark it’s great. It’s a bright blue color so if dropped it’s easier to locate, and it’s water resistant if I need it in the rain.
  • Bandana – When I started carrying my wallet in my front pocket I have started carrying a bandana in my back pocket, much like my grandfather and my father when I was a child carried a handkerchief. It has many possible uses and you can carry any color you want. They dry pretty quickly so it’s easy to rinse out and it’s dry in about an hour or so, give or take for climate.
  • Watch – I wear a Timex, with a hook and loop watch band. I like the ability to fine adjust the band if needed, and the dial light for night time reading.

Pistol – I’m not allowed to carry at work, but on the weekends I also carry a Springfield XD9. I’ve had it for years and like it a lot. At this time, I do not carry an extra magazine, but I have toyed with the option.

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