Hiding Places

hiding book

Unless you are new to the preparation philosophy you have undoubtedly come across articles about where to hide items. Whether it’s food, guns, or anything. In my opinion there are three types of people that read these articles…..Preppers, Marauders, and law enforcement personnel. People are coming up with unique places to hide things and then telling the world where those hiding places are; and it just makes it NOT a good hiding place anymore. The first serval times a person put something in a Ziploc bag and hid it in the toilet tank….GENIUS, who would think to look in the toilet. Once law enforcement learned of the hiding spot it was never good again.

No one person will corner the market on good hiding places, and while we would all like the people that have the good ideas to share we need to be aware that good, honest people are not the only ones reading the articles. In the event that you need to be hiding things it might work against your neighbor, if it comes to a government action a quick google search will inform them all they need. It’s getting more and more challenging to come up with a new and unique hiding place that someone has put all of the web.

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