My top 5 fiction SHTF books

These are my top 5 favorite books and/or book series that have a prepper/survivalist story. This is only my opinion and I have not read the hundreds of books that are available, so take away from this what you will. All of these can be found in my store, under books.

  1. One Second After, One Year After, The Final day –

This series which is pointed to by many as a must read in the Prepper community by author William R. Forstchen, is a series based upon an EMP attack on the United States and how a small town in the Carolina’s handles it and survives. It has a very Constitution backed resolution and illustrates some of the horrors that could happen after such an event. Shows strength of character, and sacrifice to survive being knocked back in technology by 200 years.

  1. American Apocalypse (4 books series) –

By author NOVA, this series tells the story of a young man and his life as a major economic collapse happens. I believe it is very informative and shows a pretty accurate depiction of what would occur from the point of normalcy to utter failure of the economic system. I will admit that at the very end of book 2 is gets a little hinky, introducing Norse deities. Books 3 and 4 are also a little hinky, but they are not over the top with it and somewhat low key. I would recommend books 1 and 2 for sure, and you can skip 3 and 4. Books 3 and 4 deal with more after the collapse survival and has a very Mad Max feel.

  1. Patriots –

This book and the supporting, but not required reading books Founders, Survivors, and Liberators are by author James Wesley Rawles. This book to me really could be 2 books almost. The first part of the book is a little dry because it reads like a technical manual on how to construct a Prepper group and build an ultimate Bug Out Location, which is very informative. Once you get into the story it is also a good read about how he sees societal collapse and how an organized group of people can make a difference and survive in a post collapse United States.

  1. Lucifer’s Hammer

By author Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle, this story is about a teotwawki event that some have advanced notice of, and some do not. How the informed people and the uninformed people handle it is part of the story, but the main point is the efforts of some to rebuild civilization. This book gives a rather ingenious and gross idea on how to store books for later generations. Of all of the books on my list this one is about a known event coming and the preparation by some to prepare for it in a short time frame.

  1. Last of the Breed –

This one is a little outside the norm, but author Louis L’Amour tells the tale of a Vietnam era American Indian military pilot that is kidnapped by the Soviets and has to escape and cross the Asian continent to the Bering Strait to return home. This has a strong Bushcraft feel to the story with much information that could be usable in real life. Deals with surviving in the wilds, but it is a story so the result is there and not necessarily the how to.

There are many books available from many authors that deal with the subject of survival and preparation. Some are written by authors that specialize in that category, but there are many, many more that write good fiction books that can be learned from. If you are new to the Prepper community and unfamiliar with skills and techniques I would suggest looking up what the character is doing to make sure that it is possible and should be done. While many authors do research about a subject they are writing about, not all do and some get creative with it.


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