Why I prep


Like all people I care for my family and wish them to be safe. I always lock my doors at night, I teach my kids to look both ways when crossing the street, and I teach my sons proper handling of a firearm. All of these are meant to keep my family safe. Until 2014 I never took that to a broader sense of safety. In 2014 though I was noticing an increase of earthquakes in my state and this got me thinking.

Being from Oklahoma I know all about tornados, but Earthquakes where new to me. So I began looking into earthquake safety and how to be ready for it, which lead to many preparation websites both government and private. Reading through these sites really broaden my horizons to the other possibilities. I think we all have a survival instinct, but most ignore it until it’s needed. Like all Preppers I got in touch with my survival instinct after reading more about preparation.

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