What does “Prepper” mean

Prepper Family


Some hate the title and actively distance themselves from it, with visions of horrible TV shows flashing before their eyes. Other embrace it, and are happy to be associated with the term and the way of thinking. The term Prepper means different things to different people, but in the end it means that a person is prepared for future events.

This way of thinking is nothing new to history. Many of our Grandparents were Preppers by the definition that is applied to the word today. They raised gardens, canned food, saved money, and prepared. Did they prepare for an economic collapse, civil unrest, or EMP…..probably not. Most prepared for the next winter, job loss, or general hard times. They did the same things though that people currently do. More and more people are starting gardens, learning how to can, and thinking of the future.

One difference I see between the days of our Grandparents and today is the philosophy of how to prepare. In the term Prepper there are what I see as three beliefs, which are Survivalist, Bushcrafter, and Homesteader. Survivalist’s strive to have the equipment necessary to live in the wilds be that urban or wilderness for a time, to ride out the storm. Bushcrafter’s strive to have the skills and equipment to live off the land with minimal equipment for a period of time, and some Bushcrafter’s believe they could last indefinitely. Homesteaders strive to be self-reliant as much as possible through raising their own food, collecting rainwater, and alternative energy.

Prepper to me is a general term that most people fit into, that is really all of these things to a degree. Many Preppers will have gardens and small animals, for food. They will have some skills in the Bushcraft fields of knowledge and they will have equipment if needed for short term survival. Since most Preppers live in suburban or urban environs it’s difficult to be one of these, so many are a Jack of all trades master of none.

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